A Bittersweet Summer | Summer Deer Inventory Update

Summer Deer Inventory Update | Flippin Bucks

Every July, for the past 4 years I have gotten photos of an old buck that I nicknamed “Stickers”. He was a special buck for this area and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to hunt him. He was a buck that I had never laid eyes on in the timber, but in 2016 at the age of 6 ½, that norm changed.  Last year he was all over my trail cameras and he made it exciting to hunt in my home state. The history and excitement that year brought on by “Stickers” was something I was either hoping to end on a high note, or would at least be looking forward to for next year. Unfortunately, “Stickers” was taken last year on the first day of rifle season by a neighbor in the hunting club next door.

Stickers the 6 ½ year old buck pictured above.

This summer, and the 2017 deer season will feel very different without this old face on the property. While I’m looking for a couple of potential hit-list bucks, I can’t help the emotions and low expectations that seem to be accompanying this year’s preparation and inventory. The plan this year is an aggressive one. Over the years, I’ve obtained exclusive permission to a couple of private tracts. I’ve been letting the deer grow and between these 3 parcels, I’m hoping for a “good one” to pop up on camera.

My cousin’s family owned farm, the property that I’ve been hunting since I could walk, sits on a neighboring property. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on this farm having a great buck this fall. This is mainly due to some mechanical rearrangements in the environment that could create great potential for attracting and holding giants.

Trailcam FlippinBucks

new bucks, new property, new hopes…

The Flippin Bucks property (featured in the most recent video) is a brand new lease situated in a small pocket of big buck country in Southwestern PA. I have high hopes for it this year, and for years to come. While I am excited about this property, the initial building stages of land management, deer inventory, and season preparation is always tough. On new property you can never know what to expect, what might cruise through during the rut, or what deer might arrive midway through the season. Unfortunately, I will be hunting in another state during the prime time this year. However, I am hopeful that a couple of buddies on that lease can score big with little effort late in November!

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