Jeremiah Voithofer

I’m a 5th generation hunter from Southwestern, Pennsylvania. I developed a passion for archery hunting and chasing turkey’s when I was young, so the curiosity turned into an obsession. I actually filmed my first turkey kill when I was 14 and had no clue what I was getting into, I just wanted to capture the hunt to show my family. I’m more of a land manger type of hunter working with Deer Gro and Stone Road Media to improve my facilities and provide myself more practice as a video hunter. I have been an Illinois guide for 8 years. I also manage over 2000 acres in PA to improve the herd, creating healthier deer with more mature bucks. By using the latest technology, I am able to capture vital information about where and when game is moving. Chasing big whitetails, along with screaming elk in the high country, has become a passion. I feel I can help people be more successful in the outdoors by sharing my stories.