Greene County Camera Day | Flippin Bucks Vlog #5

 Trail Camera Survey Setup at the Greene County Farm


Over the past 20 years, my hunting heritage has involved my cousin’s farm in Greene County. To me, it’s a special place because it was the last place I hunted with my grandpap, the man that taught me how to hunt.  For this special trip setting up a trail camera survey, I figured I would try my hand at making more memories. This time by joining the ranks of my pap as an educator, taking the time to pass the passion on to the next generation. I hope to make a great impression on the boys helping me today by letting them set up the cameras. This is something that they will hopefully remember and appreciate down the road!


I’ve had lots of success by “Pennsylvania’s standards” on this farm over the years. I have taken three bucks with over 20-inch spreads on this particular property. However, it is not just the bucks that make this property so special. This farm also happens to be one of those places your mind can get lost in when hunting. Somewhere that you can look up in the trees and start reminiscing about old times. I think we can all relate to one of those spots in our hunting history and memories. My pap’s tree stand on the north side of the farm, in particular, is one of these spots for me. No matter what time of year, deer movement, or weather, I always daydream about past hunts and memories with him while sitting in that tree.

To be able to pass on this great sport, passion, and some of my experience creates a different outlook on this sport. While properties, seasons, and loved ones come and go, memories and impressions last forever. While this trip is simply setting up a trail camera survey for me, I am hoping that the memory sticks for the boys and the obsession of hunting is instilled in them.

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