Jeremiah Voithofer

I’m a 5th generation hunter from Southwestern, Pennsylvania. I developed a passion for archery hunting and chasing turkey’s when I was young, so the curiosity turned into an obsession. I actually filmed my first turkey kill when I was 14 and had no clue what I was getting into, I just wanted to capture the hunt to show my family. I’m more of a land manger type of hunter working with Deer Gro and Stone Road Media to improve my facilities and provide myself more practice as a video hunter. I have been an Illinois guide for 8 years. I also manage over 2000 acres in PA to improve the herd, creating healthier deer with more mature bucks. By using the latest technology, I am able to capture vital information about where and when game is moving. Chasing big whitetails, along with screaming elk in the high country, has become a passion. I feel I can help people be more successful in the outdoors by sharing my stories.  

Garrett Ayersman

Bio Coming Soon!

Sam Curry

Born and raised a Mountaineer from West Virginia. Sam found his passion for hunting and fishing very early in life. With hunting being a way of life for his friends and family he was destined to be an outdoorsman. From calling in big toms to pursuing whitetail he rarely misses any season. With every hunting season that passed his obsession with archery hunting became unrivaled. Sam’s addiction for hunting world class whitetail takes him to all parts of North America. Sam’s enthusiasm and work ethic for finding and killing mature whitetail is second to none.  

Zachary Prickett

Growing up as I kid I never missed a chance to go in the outdoors with my father. Growing up in a small town of Rosewood Ohio, I was lucky enough to be right in the middle of big Midwest Whitetails. Hunting giant whitetails is a passion of mine as well as chasing big screaming longbeards. I love to manage big bucks and put in a lot work in the off season growing these big mature bucks. There is just something about busting your tail and it rewarding with a beautiful 20 yard shot during the season.

When I am not in the woods I love to spend time at home with my wife and 3 children. They all show a huge passion in the outdoors and I am excited to pass my experience I have learned over the years from my father to them. My daughter took her first deer at the young age of 7 years old and it hit home with me watching her recover her first whitetail. My wife and hunt I hunt quite often together and often not together bit I love getting those phone calls from her saying “I just shot one”. My 3-year-old son Landon was able to track 5 deer with me this year. He was also able to set in the blind with his mother and I when she punched her first tag of the season.

I began my Law enforcement career at the Champaign County Sheriffs Office where I am now a K-9 officer to a great dog name IKE. Ike and I are very close partners and he loves to work. Ike has taken numerous amounts of drugs off the streets and we train every day to keep that trend going.

At the end of the day I live and breathe the outdoors. Many local friends will tell you to this day that I am ate up with it. But when it comes down to those last several seconds where you have worked so long to create an opportunity for that one chance of the biggest adrenaline you have ever experienced it will never leave. Always remember to HUNT hard SHOOT straight and be PATIENT!