FLIPPIN BUCKS | SEASON 1 | VLOG # 4| Flippin Bucks


Tournament season is finally starting to wind down with only four tournaments to go in the year so my focus is slowing turning back out into the hunting world! Jeremiah and I took the day to make a trip down to our Ohio farms to check cameras after having them out most of the summer so far! Going down to check these trail cameras gets me pumped every time just to see if “Big Ed” has shown back up yet on the farm, and any other potential shooters that we can make an inventory of! We are having a rough start to the day with two flat tires on the four wheeler. It continues to get worse as we swapped SD cards out of the cameras and it was only bad news. Around ten thousand pictures and no “Big Ed” or any other shooters….pure disappointment! After being so excited to get there and see where he was staying and nothing but a great number of healthy does, fawns, and a few small bucks.
So it looks like the farm is turning into a huge doe pocket, but on the bright side maybe once the season gets a little closer all of our mature bucks will roll back in! Can’t wait to see what the cameras will have in store for us once the deer go hard horned and their fall ranges are established.